220+ Rogue Names: Their Meanings, Origins, and Inspirations

Are you searching for the perfect rogue name for your character? Look no further! In this article, we have compiled a list of 220 amazing rogue names that will add depth and personality to your gaming experience. These names will inspire and captivate you, whether you’re playing a tabletop RPG, a video game, or inventing a character for a book. Let’s dive in and explore the intriguing world of rogue names.


The process of naming your rogue character is an important element of the creative process. A well-crafted rogue name can enhance the allure of your character and make them more memorable. Whether you envision a cunning and stealthy thief or a swashbuckling adventurer, the right name can bring your character to life.

What Are Rogue Names?

Rogue names are monikers specifically associated with stealthy, cunning, and adventurous characters. These names evoke a sense of mystery, cunningness, and individuality. They can be inspired by various sources, including history, mythology, fantasy literature, and real-life professions.

Why Choose a Rogue Name?

Selecting a rogue name for your character offers numerous benefits. In the beginning, it establishes your character’s individuality and distinguishes them from other characters in the game or plot. A well-chosen name also contributes to the immersion factor, making the gaming experience or narrative more engaging. Additionally, rogue names can provide insights into your character’s personality, traits, or background, adding depth and complexity to their portrayal.  

Female Rogue Names

  • Taeme (Old English Origin) – Means ‘time’
  • Kamira (Japanese Origin) – Means ‘sunshine and moonlight’
  • Emer (Old Gaelic Origin) – Means ‘swift’
  • Prisma (Greek Origin) – Means ‘thing sawed’
  • Veil (English Origin) – Means ‘to conceal’
  • Astryn (American Origin) – Means ‘starlike’
  • Valery (Latin Origin) – Means ‘strong’
  • Kali (Indian Origin) – It is the name of the Hindu Goddess, and it means ‘essence of destruction’
  • Kunoichi (Japanese Origin) – It is an apt name for a female rogue meaning ‘female ninja’
  • Tempest (English Origin) – Means ‘violent storm’
  • Kelia (Gaelic Origin) – Means ‘strife’
  • Solan (Old Norse Origin) – Means ‘sun’
  • Draya (Greek Origin) – Means ‘protector of men’
  • Eddena (English Origin) – Means ‘form of Edna’
  • Liss (Latin Origin) – Means ‘one who is of good luck’
  • Shayna (Yiddish Origin) – Means ‘beautiful’
  • Kami (Japanese Origin) – A rogue name that means ‘God’
  • Deianira (Greek Origin) – Means ‘man-destroyer’
  • Matahari (Malay Origin) – Means ‘eye of the day’
  • Moana (Hawaiian Origin) – Means ‘ocean’ or ‘sea’
  • Ahlai (Hebrew Origin) – Means ‘sorrowful’ or ‘beseeching’
  • Quella (English Origin) – Means ‘pacify’
  • Tykka (Chaghatai Origin) – Means ‘chunk’
  • Xara (Arabic Origin) – Means ‘shining’
  • Rikia (Norse Origin) – Means ‘island ruler’

Male Rogue Names

  • Astram (Sanskrit Origin) – Means ‘a weapon of occult power’
  • Ior (Latin Origin) – Means ‘superior’
  • Azwame (Israeli Origin) – Means ‘strong death’
  • Palio (Italian Origin) – Means ‘covering’
  • Tavarious (English Origin) – Means ‘misfortune’
  • Jaen (Hebrew Origin) – Means ‘ostrich’
  • Ephrais (Quranic Origin) – Means ‘to fix’
  • Donovan (Irish Origin) – Means ‘dark warrior’
  • Ares (Greek Origin) – Refers to the Greek God of war and ruin
  • Callum (Scottish Origin) – Means ‘dove’
  • Feran (Arabic Origin) – Means ‘baker’
  • Sephtis (Persian Origin) – Means ‘eternal death’
  • Belial (Hebrew Origin) – Means ‘worthless’
  • Ubel (German Origin) – Means ‘evil’
  • Anwir (English Origin) – This is a name that means ‘liar’
  • Gedeon (Hebrew Origin) – Means ‘destroyer’
  • Ryn (Welsh Origin) – Means ‘ruler’
  • Dolion (Greek Origin) – Means ‘deceitful’
  • Pyry (Finnish Origin) – Means ‘like a snowstorm’
  • Jonan (American Origin) – Means ‘wolf’

Gender Neutral Rogue Names

  • Enyo (Greek Origin) – Refers to a Goddess of destructive warfare
  • Jela (Egyptian Origin) – Means ‘to suffer’
  • Ahriman (Indian Origin) – Means ‘evil spirit’
  • Pele (Hawaiian Origin) – Means ‘warrior of destruction’
  • Runihura (Egyptian Origin) – Means ‘destroyer’
  • Kek (Egyptian Origin) – Refers to the Egyptian God of darkness
  • Matchithew (Native Indian Origin) – Means ‘to have a heart like evil’
  • Helmer (German Origin) – Means ‘a warrior’s wrath’
  • Amon (Greek Origin) – Means ‘the hidden one’
  • Adofa (African Origin) – Means ‘warrior’

Rogue Names Inspired By Pop Culture

  • Chort (Russian Origin) – Refers to ‘a demon of doom’
  • Chibi (Japanese Origin) – It is a term used to indicate a ‘short person’ and is popularly associated with mangas
  • Dracula (Romanian Origin) – Derived from multiple folklores, movies, and posts about vampires, and means ‘son of the dragon’
  • Damon (Greek Origin) – Known as the vampire from a popular TV show, and means ‘to tame’
  • Beelzebub (Hebrew Origin) – This is a popular name from Abrahamic religion, and is another word for ‘satan’
  • Bilbo (English Origin) – Taken from ‘Lord Of The Rings’ and means ‘an old sword’
  • Sauron (Multiple Origins) – Known as the villain from ‘Lord Of The Rings’ and means ‘absolute evil’
  • Scar (English Origin) – The famous villain from ‘The Lion King’ and means ‘a mark left on the skin’
  • Caine (Irish Origins) – Means ‘son of a fighter’
  • Gorgon (Greek Origin) – This is a popular name that personifies mystery, and means ‘terrible’
  • Heinz (German Origin) – Known as the evil scientist in a popular children’s animated show ‘Phineas And Ferb

Funny Rogue Names

  • Bing (Scottish Origin) – Means ‘metallic waste or a heap’
  • Schrodinger (Austrian Origin) – Derived from the Shrodinger experiment, and is a term given to the resulting equation
  • Moody (English Origin) – Means ‘unpredictable temperament’
  • Jiggy (Multiple Origins) – Refers to being ‘uninhibited and excited’
  • Kibble (German Origin) – Means ‘pellets or dog food’
  • Queso (Spanish Origin) – Means ‘cheese’
  • Teddy (English Origin) – Means ‘divine gift’
  • Crumb (German Origin) – Means ‘small fragments’
  • Ziggy (German Origin) – Meaning ‘victory’

Unique Random Rogue Names

  • Szeldemod
  • Ecdokizo
  • Nagvu
  • Skibramu
  • Dadnuh
  • Grakned
  • Szevkusugis
  • Assuzocen
  • Kiagno
  • Shadow Dancer
  • Gigoce
  • Grigoku
  • Shade
  • The Scarlet Dagger
  • Drarluluri
  • Gisoverol
  • Ibril
  • Evilspell
  • Vassrey
  • Fallout
  • Earthquake
  • Dresvuruli
  • Iegles
  • Greslod
  • Cron
  • Ribsplitter
  • Nivlocu
  • Ressli
  • Gerdeg
  • Ghost
  • Thorn
  • Joodify
  • Evkegin
  • Braiglugud
  • Vilginey
  • Drevlisut
  • Beigmog
  • Waegdrenid
  • Skaclekego
  • Zegrumo
  • Kasnul
  • Grarcevo
  • Edrusuma
  • Zelag
  • Eingeme
  • Wing
  • Knife Ear
  • Cold Heart
  • Googy
  • Ressnices
  • Crystal Blade
  • Dagger
  • Storm
  • Alvukie
  • Briadim
  • Bloodmoon
  • Zavlol
  • Edos
  • Grocudierieg
  • Midne
  • Scoundrel
  • Typhoon
  • Dugmogolia
  • Damrazan
  • Defthands
  • Phoenix
  • Imrid
  • Luck
  • Remde
  • Dodri
  • Algezileg
  • Vanish
  • Avalanche
  • Bedrit
  • Edrah
  • Uvlu
  • Skosslo
  • Zaessnod
  • Racro
  • Acna
  • Tornado
  • Skemrud
  • Bremruy
  • Skiassridi
  • Vardia
  • Drisgumiguy
  • Skibrogel
  • Assokizi
  • Aclu
  • Ivkun
  • Grasle
  • Driakrezos
  • Skegnoy
  • Kragot
  • Kraldorenet
  • Gramrudocu
  • Fox
  • Zanren
  • Skendalinal
  • Eidiekecol
  • Evnil
  • Spendinyourgold
  • Rilgadut
  • Velgozuy
  • Irvol
  • Eyeofthetiger
  • Drussnod
  • Amde
  • Seizingyou
  • Graisnoki
  • Zekvi
  • Lamrosoy
  • Wacuh
  • Szekvog
  • Cocacola
  • Tagnswag
  • Besslo
  • Gregdru
  • Zelsevit
  • Ragrigirog
  • Mayhem
  • Kraegney
  • Meigdreg
  • Brigmolo
  • Godo
  • Kiso
  • Bregne
  • Zedresu
  • Mivrit
  • Wivli
  • Moon
  • Glass
  • Ecevi
  • Wemvol
  • Anarchy
  • Krandom
  • Inferno
  • Szikrukod
  • The Purple
  • Evileye
  • Joke
  • Bavlireeseh
  • Adlat
  • Dralzovi
  • Eirlelumig

Characteristics of a Good Rogue Name

A good rogue name possesses certain qualities that make it stand out. It should be memorable, unique, and easy to pronounce. A name that rolls off the tongue can create a lasting impression on other players or readers. Additionally, a rogue name should align with the characteristics and attributes of your character. Whether it’s a clever and quick-witted name or a mysterious and elusive one, the name should reflect your character’s essence.

Creating Your Own Rogue Name

If you want a truly unique rogue name, why not create one from scratch? Combining elements, playing with words, or adding a personal touch can result in an original and captivating name. Consider the traits, background, or characteristics of your character and craft a name that reflects their essence.

Tips for Choosing a Rogue Name

When choosing a rogue name, keep the following tips in mind:

Reflect your character: Pick a name that fits your character’s traits, qualifications, or history.

Consider the setting: Ensure the name fits the game or narrative’s universe and atmosphere.

Pronunciation matters: Opt for a name that is easy to pronounce and remember.

Uniqueness is key: Stand out from the crowd by choosing a name that hasn’t been overused.

Get creative: Don’t be afraid to experiment with wordplay, alliteration, or cultural influences.


In the realm of gaming, literature, or storytelling, a well-chosen rogue name can elevate your character’s journey and captivate the audience. From historical and mythical names to clever and stealthy monikers, the possibilities are endless. So, embrace the allure of rogue names and embark on an adventure filled with intrigue, cunning, and excitement. 


1. Can I use these rogue names for my Dungeons & Dragons campaign?

Absolutely! These names are suitable for various RPG games, including Dungeons & Dragons. Feel free to pick a name that resonates with your character concept.

2. Are these rogue names gender-specific?

No, these names can be adapted for characters of any gender. Choose a name that suits your character’s identity and personality.

3. Can I modify the rogue names to make them more unique?

Of course! These names are meant to inspire your creativity. Feel free to modify them or combine different elements to create a name that truly reflects your character.

4. How can I ensure my rogue name is memorable?

To create a memorable rogue name, focus on its sound, uniqueness, and alignment with your character’s traits. Experiment with different combinations and seek feedback from others to find the perfect name.

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