191+ Biblical Boy Names to Enrich Your Child’s Life

Are you hoping for a child that brings immense joy, tradition, and meaning all at the same time? Look no further; this article offers the most extensive list of 191 Biblical boy names with significant meaning to give spiritual depth to his daily life. From timeless classics to extraordinary names that continue to resonate with families worldwide.

Name selection is an important decision that encapsulates your hopes, aspirations, beliefs, and dreams for their future. Biblical boy names offer a strong sense of tradition and spirituality, which makes them ideal choices for parents of all ages. These names contain tales that will continue through generations as lessons are imparted from them and passed along from generation to generation.

Why Pick Biblical Names?

Biblical names hold an integral place in many cultures due to their significance in religious texts and practices. Biblical names convey values and stories that will nurture your child’s development; whether you subscribe to religious practices yourself or simply find their appeal appealing, Biblical names provide an opportunity to connect with an extensive heritage that will keep your child grounded and on track throughout their lives.

Popular Biblical Boy Names

Adam: The First Man

Adam is the name given to it, from Hebrew words meaning “man”. According to Scripture, God created Adam first among human beings. Choosing Adam for your child serves as an ancestor for mankind and our common origins.

Noah: Ark Builder

Noah’s courage and faith in building an ark to save his family and two wild animals during a devastating flood were truly inspiring, making his name a symbolic way of affirming your belief that you can withstand life’s storms while growing stronger as a result of them. Naming your children after Noah will serve as a constant reminder that faith can guide your actions no matter the challenge that may be set before them.

Elijah: the Prophet of Fire

Elijah was an esteemed prophet who stood firm in his faith and actions for God. Elijah represents strength, determination, and the ability to defend what is right.

David: Giant Slayer

The tale of David and Goliath is an inspiring one, portraying courage and perseverance despite facing many difficulties in life. For this reason, many parents choose David as their child’s name to symbolize how determinedly and boldly they face obstacles in their path to success.

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Biblical Boy Names 

  1. Kenan
  2. Matthias
  3. Perez
  4. Lot
  5. Nathan
  6. Helek
  7. Zacchaeus
  8. Jacob
  9. Mark
  10. Jesse
  11. Asher
  12. Gamaliel
  13. Zohar
  14. Zephaniah
  15. Jason
  16. Zion
  17. Peter
  18. Stephen
  19. Rufus
  20. Nekoda
  21. Lazarus
  22. Zuriel
  23. Zacharias
  24. Haziel
  25. Victor
  26. Raphael
  27. Lucas
  28. Saul
  29. Obadiah
  30. Isaiah
  31. Ophel
  32. Zebediah
  33. Ezekiel
  34. Meshach
  35. Esau
  36. Gad
  37. Jeremiah
  38. Uriel
  39. Darius
  40. Baruch
  41. Abel
  42. Jedidiah
  43. Timon
  44. Justus
  45. Judas
  46. Korah
  47. Gideon
  48. Claudius
  49. Gaius
  50. Dalphon
  51. Jabin
  52. Sergius
  53. Jethro
  54. Barak
  55. Elisha
  56. Solomon
  57. Alpheus
  58. Elijah
  59. Esua
  60. Zebedee
  61. Jakim
  62. Tarsus
  63. Cain
  64. Omar
  65. Gaddiel
  66. Eliakim
  67. Aaron
  68. Enoch
  69. Joel
  70. Samuel
  71. Jared
  72. Adam
  73. Hillel
  74. Phillip
  75. Uzziah
  76. Uriah
  77. Noah
  78. Thaddeus
  79. Ethan
  80. Thaddaeus
  81. Jordan
  82. Jada
  83. Philip
  84. Seth
  85. Hebron
  86. Nadab
  87. Absalom
  88. Benjamin
  89. Luke
  90. Bartholemew
  91. Phineas
  92. Bethuel
  93. Isaac
  94. Nicodemus
  95. Jonathan
  96. Jesus
  97. Elon
  98. Abram
  99. Silas
  100. Jude
  101. Hezekiah
  102. Lucius
  103. Tobias
  104. Lemuel
  105. Emmanuel
  106. Abdiel
  107. Nathanael
  108. Zachariah
  109. Uri
  110. Goliath
  111. Samson
  112. Ira
  113. Daniel
  114. John
  115. Demetrius
  116. Abagtha
  117. Micah
  118. Abner
  119. Michael
  120. Matt, Matthew
  121. Nahum
  122. Cornelius
  123. Judah
  124. Edrei
  125. Isaak
  126. Ezra
  127. Titus
  128. David
  129. Amos
  130. Zebadiah
  131. Joseph
  132. Bartholomew
  133. Ephron
  134. James
  135. Zachary
  136. Urias
  137. Hosea
  138. Cyrus
  139. Mishael
  140. Nehemiah
  141. Matthew
  142. Immanuel
  143. Gabriel
  144. Simon
  145. Israel
  146. Nahalal
  147. Thomas
  148. Boaz
  149. Moses
  150. Uel
  151. Elead
  152. Eli
  153. Levi
  154. Ebenezer
  155. Joshua
  156. Andrew
  157. Paul
  158. Barnabas
  159. Malachi
  160. Felix
  161. Timothy
  162. Zemira
  163. Issac
  164. Rosh
  165. Josiah
  166. Theophilus
  167. Job
  168. Jonah
  169. Philemon
  170. Jokim
  171. Caleb
  172. Neco
  173. Nathaniel
  174. Ishmael
  175. Abana
  176. Abraham
  177. Ephraim
  178. Ishuah
  179. Hiram
  180. Vaniah
  181. Zoheth
  182. Othniel
  183. Asa
  184. Nereus
  185. Dishon
  186. Marcus
  187. Rumah
  188. Aquila
  189. Reuben

Picking Out the Ideal Name

Finding an appropriate biblical name to give to children requires thoughtful consideration of both its meaning and the values it represents, as well as personal meaning for your family. Take time researching all available names before selecting one that embodies all your family values and beliefs.


Selecting the ideal name for your child can be an exciting journey of hope, love, and legacy. Biblical boy names offer your son an opportunity to connect to knowledge from the past while passing down tales of strength, faith, and character from generations past. Each name on this list holds meaning and could impact his/her life for many years ahead.

FAQs for Biblical Boy Names

Q1. Are biblical names reserved solely for families that practice religion?

Biblical names are popular with both nonreligious and religious families alike, due to their universal significance and value, making them appealing to a range of parents.

Q2. Can I alter the spelling of my biblical name?

Yes! Many Biblical names feature variations in spelling that add a unique touch while still embodying their primary significance.

Q3. Does the Bible list gender-neutral names?

Some Biblical names aren’t gender specific and could apply equally well to both girls and boys, such as Jordan, which could refer to children of any age.

Q4. What happens if I need an unconventional biblical name?

Discovering lesser-known names could unlock stunning, beautiful names with great depth, such as Malachi or Gideon, which hold beautiful significance for themselves.

Q5. Does each of these names have common nicknames?

Absolutely! Many biblical boy names have modernized nicknames that make life simpler and less formal, such as Samuel becoming Sam or Joseph becoming Joe.

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