Unique Names That Mean Blood for Girls & Boys

Names that mean blood are typically given to powerful and dangerous persons throughout history. Dracula, Hannibal, Attila, and Alexander the Great all signify blood. These names are distinctive and intriguing, enticing people to learn more about them. 

Blood represents many different things to different people. Many religions, including Christianity, associate blood with salvation, protection, and sacrifice. English majors will recognize blood as a metaphor for rebirth, guilt, and reproduction.

Choose a name from our selection of over 80 blood-related names. More name suggestions can be found at:

Best Baby Names That Mean Blood

  • Gwyar
  • Ichor
  • Atakan
  • Karro
  • Nauman
  • Sheerah
  • Sanguinex
  • Chieko
  • Bonner
  • Flanagan
  • Chimiko
  • Rusty
  • Auiak

Boy Names That Mean Blood

  • Chimiki
  • Odol
  • Iejir
  • Fluonia
  • Dji
  • Erkan
  • Sheerah
  • Alarik
  • Ruadh
  • Tokito
  • Flanagan
  • Blodughadda
  • Piroska
  • Rhudir
  • Agihart
  • Blessed
  • Chinatsu
  • Rapha
  • Edom
  • Eztli
  • Djimon

Girl Names That Mean Blood

  • Adame
  • Chimaki
  • Garnet
  • Muhjah
  • Jira
  • Ixquic
  • Vladimir
  • Auiak
  • Tokino
  • Ayuna
  • Fluonia
  • Akeldama
  • Aricia
  • Iejiryth
  • Atakan
  • Chisuke
  • Agana
  • Abchanchu
  • Talutah
  • Chihana
  • Chiki

Unique Names Meaning Blood

  • Chiyo
  • Antiphonus
  • Euaemon
  • Haimon
  • Chidori
  • Camunda
  • Chikane
  • Kesshuu
  • Demirkan
  • Chizuki
  • Chimie
  • Muhjah
  • Akeldama

Names Related To Blood You’ll Love

  • Adelbert’s
  • Claret
  • Kanik
  • Ki
  • Chiki
  • Ichorous
  • Berkan
  • Sanguine
  • Serkan
  • Vendetta
  • Odol
  • Gazini 

Names that Mean Blood in Japanese

  • Ayuna
  • Tsiguto
  • Chisuke
  • Haruma
  • Ichigo
  • Sumika
  • Tokito
  • Toniko

Final thoughts on “Names that Mean Blood”

We hope you’ve liked this list of names that mean blood, whether you’re thinking of family or physiological fluids! Choosing a child’s name along with their parents is a special tradition. Choosing a child’s name is an individual choice with many possibilities. While some names are popular or reflect the child’s personality, others are more significant to parents. It’s important to consider how a name will affect the child and family. 

It can be difficult to choose the ideal baby name, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! In your search for the ideal baby name, we hope to have reduced your blood pressure. 

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