What Are the Names That Mean Butterfly for Girls and Boys?

Naming your child is one of the most special and significant decisions parents can make, reflecting both your hopes, dreams, and aspirations for your little one. A fascinating trend sweeping parents worldwide are choosing names inspired by butterflies. In this article, we explore names that mean butterfly for both girls and boys that capture its elegance while embodying its freedom, beauty, freedom of movement, transformative symbolism or other characteristic associated with the butterfly lifecycle.

The Importance of Names

A name holds great meaning and often forms an essential component of one’s identity. Selecting a butterfly-inspired name conveys more than aesthetic appeal: it symbolizes hope, rebirth, and metamorphosis and acts as an encouragement to embrace change by reminding individuals they too can spread their wings like butterflies!

Names that Mean Butterfly for Girls

  • Mariposa – Elegant and Delicate Selections Mara (Spanish for “butterfly”) conjures images of sophistication and grace
  • Aaliyah – From Arabic signifies high-flying beauty reminiscent of its title; each is the perfect option when considering nature-inspired beauties as names to adorn their little princess with.
  • Meadow – Inspired by lush meadows where butterflies gracefully dance.
  • Aya – Japanese word associated with colorful butterfly wings; Subheading: Colorful and Vibrant Picks
  • Melantha – An allusion to butterfly’s vibrant colors through “dark flower”, representing vibrantly hued wings of butterflies.
  • Farfalla – Translates directly from Italian into “butterfly.”
  • Irisa – Irisa means “gift of God” in Hebrew.
  • Columba – means dove and is therefore another Latin girl’s name which refers to this goddess of poetry in mythology and legend alike.
  • Vanessa – means butterfly in Cambodian.
  • Lilith- Lilith in Hebrew means the night monster; Lilith was Adam’s original wife according to Jewish myth.
  • Ezili– Ezili means “love goddess” in Haitian.
  • Seraphina- Seraphina means fiery or burning in Hebrew – these Bible angels were commonly called seraphim.
  • Iris – in Greek means “rainbow”, while she is the mythological rainbow goddess and messenger to the gods; usually depicted as an attractive woman with wings.
  • Tianna – Tianna means fairy queen in Russian.
  • Fiona – Fiona is an iconic Scottish name meaning white or fair;
  • Aurora – Aurora in Latin means dawn and is the Roman morning goddess.
  • Yasmine means jasmine flower in Arabic
  • Bianca – Bianca in Italian means white while Elena means bright brightness.
  • Nelia – It means “bright.”
  • Malaika – Malaika is a Swahili word meaning angel.
  • Kalliope- Kalliope means “lovely voice,” she inspired epic poetry throughout history and mythology. Viola means violet in Latin while Caela – means heavenly.

Names That Mean Butterfly for Boys

  • Orion – Draws its inspiration from Orion the Hunter; his strong wings remind one of fluttering butterfly wings.
  • Smith – Smith is a blue butterfly subspecies. This name is derived from the Anglo-Saxon smitan, which means “to smite or strike.”
  • Admir – It is Bosnian origin and means butterfly in English; symbolizing elegance and strength. Subheading: Names with Wingspan
  • Alaric – comes from Germanic roots and can be translated as ruler of all, which refers to butterflies’ dominion over nature.
  • Sora – Inspired by the Japanese word for “sky,” where butterflies gracefully soar. Subheading: Names Inspired by Species Monarch – Connected to monarch butterflies that reside mainly in North America and migrate.
  • Apollo – From Greek mythology, Apollo’s lyre featured butterfly wings attached by strings as decoration on it – thus offering another timeless and versatile name choice from our list.
  • Kai (in Hawaiian origins) – It symbolizes tranquility on the sea amidst butterflies’ wings flapping gently across it.
  • Nova – stands for new beginnings akin to when one emerges from a cocoon; these names were given in response to specific butterfly characteristics (subheading “Names Derived From Butterfly Characteristics”).
  • Hector – The name Hector is derived from the big crimson and black Pachliopta Hector butterfly. Hector was a Trojan hero warrior who fought against the Greeks in Greek legend.
  • Zephyr – This name conveys the delicate, fragile quality of butterflies. Puck: Inspired by their playful yet mischievous movements.
  • Yara – Derived from Arabic folklore meaning “butterfly-like insect.”
  • Vanessa – It is a Greek name that symbolizes the essence of a butterfly.

Within various cultures, butterflies hold tremendous symbolic meaning. For instance, Chinese culture sees butterflies as symbolic of love and joy while Native American folklore associates them with transformation and change. Furthermore, butterflies have inspired myths, art, and literature that represent them – symbolizing impermanence while celebrating life itself.

How to Pick an Appropriate Butterfly Name?

  • When picking out the ideal butterfly-themed name for your child, take into consideration:
  • Select a name that speaks to the feelings, experiences or values shared between you and your family members.
  • Explore names from your cultural background as well as those carrying family traditions.
  • Aim to select names that possess positive connotations while being easy for others to pronounce when spoken out loud.


Selecting a name with “butterfly” as its meaning for your child can bring joy, freedom, and beauty into their life. Drawing inspiration from nature’s most magical creatures – butterflies – these names promise growth and transformation while reminding us that life itself is an ever-evolved journey that continues beyond one life cycle to the next – like their graceful wings flapping with each passing second.


Q: Can butterfly names only appeal to parents interested in nature-loving activities?

A: No! Butterfly names make an excellent way for parents looking for unique yet meaningful names for their baby to choose from.

Q: Do butterfly names have gender-based connotations?

A: Some butterfly-inspired names may carry specific gender associations. Most can, however, remain neutral.

Q: Can I combine butterfly names with other themes?

A: Absolutely. Butterfly names make for imaginative and personal choices when combined with other topics or elements, offering endless creativity when selecting them as baby name options.

Q: Are There Butterfly Names from Certain Mythologies?

A: Yes, many mythologies depict butterflies with symbolic names that refer to their symbolism.

Q: Can butterfly names include modern versions?

A: Absolutely. Many classic butterfly names now feature contemporary variations to give traditional options an added contemporary edge.

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